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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Loaded Questions 07

. Everyone has favourites. Favourite foods, favourite pets, favourite ways of spelling certain words. Ways that are still correct when spelled that way...
But I think when it comes to favourite odd-ball creature I have in this world it would be the octopus. The darn thing can get into and out of anything as long as there is the possibility of a small gap. They are clever problem solvers and while I hate to admit it, the calamari I had ages ago was actually pretty tasty. Since aquiring a respect for the creatures (and discovering a seafood allergy) I haven't eaten these magnificent critters. Now, I for one, am a fan of the Pug. I like critters that some people find to be ugly. Even I think octopi are ugly if you look at their anatomy. But overall I think they are adorable. Put together perfectly to serve their purpose and lacking any encumbering features that are unnecessary.

. Which brings me to the point I think I'm trying to make about myself. I am a bit of a utilitarian. Not in the political sense. I think people should have the freedom to achieve the ability to have excess. But I personaly like to have a use for everything and put everything to use and if some item in my life (or brain for that matter) is not serving a purpose of hasn't in a recent while; I loose it. It's kind of cute how certain memories I haven't used to tell tale with lately, either it was over told or just getting boring to me, how those memories just dissappear. It is the seldom someone who has been in my life for any extended or constant period of time. But on occation I reminesce with an old friend and they will say something that usually starts with: "remember that time..." and anymore it makes me sad to admit but anymore I look at them with a funny look saying "rings a bell, refresh my memory." But when I do remember and that light bulb goes off. I love the feeling it gives when the brightest smile creeps across my face in realization that this experience with this person that I adored I get to relive as if the first time because I'd completely forgotten until it came rushing back.

. But I ramble on uselessly. I do wish though, that, memory-wise I had better recall. And I wish I had a better sense of humor. I'd like to be able to make people laugh. It's funny because I have the ability to ramble on and on and on like two of my favourite comics: Robin Williams and Lewis Black, but I don't have their ability to inspire laughter. Maybe I'm just looking at things too closely. After all taking a step back is what made Carlin his millions right?


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