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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hidden, (written a long long time ago... )

Hidden in a drawer, I try to throw you from the room.
When the time comes to breathe in your poison
I shall breathe sparce breaths ~ deeply.
I shall call to a stranger from across the room,
To help me die, to use his destructive nature.
To keep from me your joys.
Having you in my hands, small thing you are
Your cause and purpose I despise
Yet I revear you! I want you. I own you.
Sweet one from across the room, tell me your lie,
Give me your hand in gentle, abrassive touch.
Teach me how it is you do what I cant.
And tickle with gentle burning my senses.
As I gasp.
I watch you dance, never letting my poison,
My own end, from your sight as you...
Flicker from my view, dancing, and gone.
I too am gone and lost in your embrace
Your poison spreads all to slow as I breathe,
Gasping, gentle lips feel forward for air that is not there.
I strain to breathe.
Slow breath, sparse breath.
Until your poison is gone, I sit here dying.
In my tiny room where I've been left again.
I am free again from death,
I will try again tomorrow.
To not take my medication.
To die from the asthma.


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