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Friday, March 04, 2011

Loaded Questions 09

. I'm probably the dangerous outgoing curious and risky type. Example: If all I had to survive anywhere was a knife, I dobut I'd last too long. Sure I'd hunt and kill and make shelter and fire that's all well and good. My problem would come with the other things I'd do/eat. Mmm these berries look good.... I'd probably run into some serious trouble before long. But hey, the outback sounds like a perfect place to test the theory. There are however some people whose idea of roughing it is room service. I can't stand the image I get of that perspective. You mean the years you've spent caring for your children keeping a home all without room service has been downright primitive? Has been unacceptable? Unrewarding? Moreover you expect to be compensated for the inconvenience? Would you like a massage with that?
. Speaking of massage I have a friend just got through school and training to be a masseuse. She's a lovely person, looking for work if anyone's interested in an hour or two of her time. I tend to think, or at least be told I give a decent massage. I have been paid for it though I've had no formal training. I wouldn't mind learning the muscle structures and nerve structures that those learned masseuses know but I'm not sure I'd pay for it. It's a lot of anatomy, physiology, and believe it or not history form what I can gather. And the knowledge base is phenominal. Silly me, all I know how to do is find a tense muscle that's deeper, rub till the person either starts or stops making noise and kneed to soften the muscle layer just below the skin just to relax a person. But ya know what I'd really like to learn in this field. I find the muscle anatomy of the foot to be intriguing. So many twists and turns, so tiny, yet so very sensitive.
. When I was a kid, a person I never respected and never will tried learning foot massage, the official version. ah childhood... What do you get when you cross cheese with heavy whipping cream... back then I never could eat yougurt not to mention any other dairy product either. I never got enough calcium in my diet; still don't. Now yougurt's a staple part of my diet as it's one of the few dairy products my stomach doesn't complain about trying to handle. I really only like yoplait's strawberry especially the fluffy, fatty stuff. When you stirr it up it tastes like flavoured whip cream. :)
. Pardon the sudden silly mood but hehe... I said cream. *snigker*


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