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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Never Again-That Night scuff scuff tck

Picking my nails helps me think. Helps me forget. Helps me focus on anything else.

Suddenly I hear whispering. Hushed voices and the sound of crickets chirping. Silence is usually my best friend. Not necessarily the case this time. I get up off the floor, temporarily giving my nails a reprieve. The bullfrog I was watching out the window doesn't seem to notice but I pause just a moment to watch and see if he grabs the cricket crawling in front of him.
I cant watch long enough. There's the voices again. "You shouldn't be..." and after mumbling "she's not...and I don't..." Muffled through a door I can't hear it and it's none of my business. I get my brother a glass of milk from the fridge and run into him. Face to face with my enemy and my fears.

I can't hear his voice I've turned it off and tuned him out. The face says anger though. Another fight and I can still feel the last one on my cheek. I growl in his face that I don't have the patience for this tonight. Pushing past him to leave I storm out towards te stairs. He charges after me and before I get to the stairs he grabs my arm spinning me around. More yelling I honestly can't hear, but it's right in my face.

Interrupting him. Growling something about shit to do in the morning and someone has to take care of the people in this house I practically spat it in his face. His arm reeled up. Again.
It was too much for me to handle. Turning down the stairs I left the room. It wasn't time to deal with this, the best way to get away from anger is to walk away from it. Passing the door I look just a second longer to watch the bullfrog take a quick step forward and gulp down the cricket. Figures that would be the last moment of the poor critter's life. I'm scraping the inside of my nails and the scuff scuff tck sound is grating, annoying, painful.


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