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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Never Again-That Night dont doubt

He was sitting on the couch hegging her tight, they were watching their favourite tv show, just relaxing and falling asleep together. Suddenly he picked his head up and she was gone. The spot where she was, was still warm. He got up to look for her and stubbed his toe in the dark. Couldn't find her. Fumbling into the kitchen, he almost shocked himself on the light-switch that needed repair. All the same, he remembered it was sparking at the last second. Besides in the dark, he thought he saw her at the sink. Coming up behind her he wrapped his arms tight at her waist and affectionately swayed with her wispering in her ear about how he loved her and was afraid she'd left him. She spun in his arms and said something about just getting a glass of water. She was gone in the instant he closed his eyes to hug her tight. Looking around in the dark he couldnt see her but went back towards the living room, the hallway, the bedrooms. No sign of her. Had to be the bathroom. But when he opened the door to the bathroom to se eif she was there he was blinded temporarily by the light. She wasn't there. Panic struck him, turning too fast to find her, he knocked into the door-jamb. It was a small cut above his eye but it didn't matter to him. He went running from bedroom to bedroom calling out to her. Frantic. Then he felt a breeze coming from the stair-well. He couldn't see in the dark if the door was open or not, but what if she was already out the door? He started running at the door and landed face-plant into the door at the bottom of the staris. I let him stay that way until morning. I hated that he chased me around the house like I was her. She left him a year ago for a reason and I swear he imagines I'm her. It's not appropriate to do any of those things to a nine year old. His mind is fixated on her though, he chases these mirages into traffic some times. And he doubts she'd kill him.


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