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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Never Again-That Night survived

I'm surprised he survived this long.
. Not for three weeks. I hadn't remembered it not for three weeks. The first was three weeks ago and for three weeks I hadn't kept the appointment. It was strange and strangely wonderful. I could see myself being there, being in that life the first week. He was darker than I usually aproach but what did I care. I recognized the vibe. We read each other from across the room. And from that first smile to keeping my mouth shut in front of power to the security guard ofering me in to the weaving apple and the comic books. Hell all the way to a swingset and halloween lights... it was like we read each other. And it's the kind of thing I usually gravitated towards. But that's because it reminded me of him. Him, I got to see for two days and left again. Him who realized I call because I'm stranded. Him who watched me leave saying it was a bad idea, and it was, he spent time letting me relax from a long, long time of not seeing him. Two days. Two weeks ago. If today is the first. It's still thanksgiving. Math doesn't line up. Of course over a month ago. And besides I worked those days. seven weeks ago I was crying and it was a lovely game of pool so weeks ago then I was reading books and looking for work when I got the right message at the right time. My full time job was looking for jobs. And I don't have a phone that does that. Politeness prevailed. The freedom to a few days ago compared with five years of pent up aggression felt less than a week ago. I was right to save myself messages. I'd have liked to have read them.. But the appointment was set for the first. And that was three weeks ago. I'd made it a month ago and hereI'm found wondering where I'de been. Thinking this is the first. I haven't felt the date for six weeks and wasn't feeling it now. I'm six to five weeks. past the realization that I'd missed an appointment. My whole world was rocked, my whole schedule was off and I hadn't told everyone thank you.. For what it means, thank you. I have no reason to fear when I'm with him again, and finally. Thank you for being the excuse, Romeo. Thank you for Accepting the excuse Shy, and thank you for needing no excuse Toto. Those who are family will always first and I'm finally safe to say I found my family. But I've been on the road. I live on good graces and I only tollerate anger when I care to. Some say I care too much. I know this. I just like Playing with their minds.. I haven't been home for more than two days, not for three weeks. That means home truely is where the heart is. Even without a roof. Which, by the way Peaace Offering, I should come to the back yard some time. What if I parked by blown Valve in the corn for the winter? That is if nobody's home. Thank you for checking. And for shooting. You truely make me feel relaxed too.. I haven't felt lost, hespite not being home, not for three weeks.. Despite not being reminded of the first.. Not for three weeks.
God knows I've pulled his ass out of hot water too many times already.


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