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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Never Again-That Night twisted

For a while he took me away from the god I feared I followed.
And I followed him. Because for me he was the lack of all that bothered. He never bothered to care about what a person had to go through to survive. He never bothered to care about what a person did with their time. He really didn't much bother whether or not the bills got paid. He only ever bothered to have a good time and those good times he shared with me, well, we both never bothered to stop wanting to share 'em.
Longevity my friend is best seen in the geesse, One dumbass up front screamin "This way...", while the rest merely ride his coat tails until he's too tired to lead anymore. It's a Self-serving way of seeing things but we are all lazy and seems to me it's those too lazy to bother caring, always seem to have made it to the finish line.
Twisted thoguh it may be, I like this "too lazy to fail" kind of man. He is inventive and genious, cruel when he has to be and does what has to be done regardless of the consequences. It is his duty to care for the survival and existance of a great many and so he survives. Who is this man? He is HuMan.
Being human we are all twisted, cruel and self-serving.


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