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Thursday, February 22, 2007

abrasive ways

I am your super ego.
I am your suicidal self.
Take my hand, walk with me,
Down paths of green-lit, dirt and trees.
See skies of blue and tints of red,
Clean air, breath deep this foreign scent.
Smell the flower, hues of every kind,
See them dancing in the breeze sub-mind.
You want to touch existence.
You want to feel this way for good.
Walk with me through these fields and know;
Forever comes and all this goes.
So take my hand and walk with me,
Through briars, forests, gentle breeze.
With man's great footsteps heavy-set;
Life crushed dies, and no regrets?
See your children grow and multiply,
Sew our destruction, never askin' why?
Pink flowers, gentle ferns, and elk;
Please keep this pleasure in your mind,
In months there'll be none left to find.
I am your super ego.
I am your suicidal self.
I know you feel this worldly pain.
Fix it, wash it, forgo in your ways.
You do your part like everyone else;
But ignoring is never quite the same.
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