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Thursday, August 09, 2007

a typical night of business.

So much happened that night. And I knew from the beginning that it wasn't good. With a large man hanging out the car window grabbing trees as we passed, and following a car full of people I could barely say I knew. The road winding through back roads and I was lost. I knew I'd be driving home alone later that night but I was still lost. When we got there; there were already fights on the lawn and drunks strewn about the house like none of it mattered. I didn't know most of these people but I was treated like a VIP, whisked immediately to the back room to smoke with the home-owners. It was tradition and it was polite, otherwise I wouldn't have taken the hits. But at least I could handle it, I was the coherent one. It was outsider stuff too. I made a mental note to myself: I've got to get him in the loop and selling better stuff. When the phone rang it was some dumb broad who didn't have reason to be bothering my men, after five minutes of letting her bother the one she thought was hers, I decided to take matters into my own. He wanted to get off the line with her so I took the phone and explained things to her before hanging up. He swears he's eternally in my debt. Whatever.
As the night progressed we found ourselves out on the porch. I was talking with some new-found friend and watching his brother get beaten to a pulp down on the ground. "You know that's his weak-spot" he said "behind his knees there, makes him buckle every time." I stored the information and made a bet with one of the girls who were swooning over the poor idiot. A quick hundred bucks. They wanted me in the ring next and I could have taken the skinny bastard they wanted me paired with, but I had business to attend to and told them I had to run. I didn't want to leave so soon, while my head was still swimming but I knew I had no other choice, always leave them wanting more. I got lost on my way out and finding my way, I stopped at a friend's house to take a few minutes and collect my bearings. His car was in the driveway and he was out on the back porch. I hated being here but it was the closest place I could find to pull over. While I did feel safe with him, I knew I reeked of the wrong kind of smoke and if I couldn't pull off sober there'd be hell to pay. He's a cop.
While he welcomed me into his home I smiled shyly at the people who just happened to be there and just happened to be leaving. I wanted them to stay because I didn't want to be in the situation with him I knew I'd be in. Within minutes he had me relaxing on the couch, he was finishing a beer and he cuddled up on my feet, head in my lap. The man doesn't waste time in implying what he wants, not anymore. It used to be pulling teeth to get him to get close to me, I used to want him. But this time I was afraid, the way he'd been talking recently, I knew exactly what he wanted from me and that he wasn't going to take no for an answer. Not this time. Beyond that, I was far too gone to put up a real fight. I had two choices at this juncture, as he began rubbing my thighs. One, play along and get out of there with what little dignity left as soon as possible. Two, excuse myself and hope to get outta there in one piece. I knew he wouldn't let me go. I knew I couldn't give him all of what he wanted either. He's the kind who likes taking what he wants and doesn't want it otherwise. I hoped I could kill his intrest and slip out when he got tired of me. I kissed him.
When he kissed me back, I got scared. His hands were all over me and all I wanted to do was run. I tried to but ended up pinned against the wall getting cuffed and tied up. I tried to grab the lamp he'd made out of three-inch pipe and swing it at him. Blocking it with his forearm, he grabbed it from me and hit me in the back of the head with it. I spun in his grasp and dropped. I got loose for a split second and started running for the door, I think at this point he thought it was just part of the amorous games he likes to play. I couldn't help but fight, I was scared. He caught me by the arm, swung me around to face him and swung the pipe again. He chipped my left front tooth.
It was hours later and I was still spitting out blood. He'd had his way with me and I was in a tied up ball on the floor. Coughing I brought up the key I'd gotten off him and hid in the back of my throat. Uncuffing my hands and untying my feet I was suddenly very happy I kept spare clothes in my trunk. It wasn't that I wanted to be there or thought it would be a good idea, it was just I had no othger choice, I had to be there and now that I had the chance I had to leave; quickly, quietly.
It was hours later that I made it to the house, I was only a twenty minute drive from there but I had to stop and get dressed, stop and get gas, stop and get a good stiff drink. That's what did it for me. I was together again and mostly in one piece after that.
Dad M greeted me at the door and asked me where I'd been, I was still swimming but at this point I had so much going on in my head I couldn't help but be sober. I talked to him about love and life and how some people just don't have it all together. He started bitching about his son, which one this time, who knows. And how the boy's so immature and really needs to get a job and get his priorities straight. I could have turned that microscope to dad m, who is sitting on unemployment for the moment, but I know dad m's the type to get a job as soon as he can, so there would only be hard feelings if I did do such an ass-holeish thing. No I just listened to him bitch and waited for him to leave me alone.
My phone rang as I laid back to start writing, I wanted to remember something from this night. As luck would have it, it was the big man himself on the line. "You commin home tonight? We got some business and I'd like to have you there." I moved my tongue across my teeth and felt the chip and decided that I really didn't want to, but he was requesting my presence and so out the door I went. "I'll be there in fifteen, but I'm not going to say much, I'm having a quiet night."
It was much easier to drive this time, I had my wits about me and a chipped tooth to concentrate on. I got there in eleven minutes, still not enough to beat his eight minute record. I walked in the house to walk right back out and get into the car with them. It was three of us, it must be something important. "So where we goin?" I muttered trying to hide my chipped tooth. He didn't even look at me.
"Kiwi, and who did that to you?"
"Never mind it I'll get it fixed within the week."
"We're goin there to get a tooth for a tooth."
"I mean it, it's nothing to get upset about." I wanted to scream, cry and fold into his arms sobbing 'I was raped!' but I knew what had to be done and this was all part of business. I guess this is what people call my strength.
"So how did it happen at least."
"Metal pipe to the face, he wanted his way with me."
"Somebody." I knew he'd realize that a somebody wasn't a nobody and a somebody would be trouble to retalliate against. "Somebody who now owes us big."
"Girl, I don't know why you do what you do for this family, but I love you."
And with those three little words, I smiled wide. Hearing him say he loved me, made everything in the world worth while.
When we got to the house I knew business was slow, Kiwi never took too much, she just liked to have a little fun at home on the couch. She smoked with us, we talked and laughed and fought with the dog. And he fell asleep on my lap. I was in heaven for those three hours that he currled up to me, until he woke suddenly and we had to go immediately. He took me back to my car and I drove again back to the house. Crawled into bed with my friday night man, it was a wednesday, and as he kissed me in pleasant suprise, a tear hit the pillow and he asked me what was wrong. I told him it was late, smiled in the darkness, kissed him again and snuggled up to go to sleep.
I'd have preferred sleeping there with Dare that night.


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