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Saturday, May 01, 2010

If I...

If I walked over a cliff would you follow?
If you were alone in the world, only me for company. Would you stay alone in sorrow when I was gone. But the world has so many others. But we are all so different.
While I lay here alone, you are smiling in song, While you kiss me we are, just like family should be. Mother dearest I know, When the day's done You show what I"m needing from you is a bit more it's truth.
Sweet in shelter we wait. You and your kind with fate,
but I'm not like them...
When Will it all end. You prosper I fend.
I'm sinking further than any have know. I'm lost and I'm broken You'll see it some day.
Blind as the bats yo say run through my belfrey. Saying it's nothing and I'm just a flake.
What about your white house high on hilltop and paved. I've no shelter through cold nights and rain is my keeper.
What about all those cars and kitchen gadgets galore. I'm over fire with one pan and merely water to boil.
And you tell me with conviction that it's all in my head.
Do you think I like the hunger and cold? Do you see me working fingers to bone. Enjoy your fake children at 30 an hour. I break my back for barely a 9.
And My bills like your bills have soared way too high. But I didn't choose this because I knew why.
While you bitch and complain, I've Listened and thought that never would I be so fucking distraught.
You forced this upon me, my life like your toy. Not that I want what you fought to early to see.
Have you considered all you wanted was to be just like me. You've made me into your image and like you I cry. Why can't I have just all of my own life.

But now with just three days passing, I'm waiting until my life is no longer mine. I'm worried and scared and I will soon have no control. working through the rest of my good years for debts I did not want to take on. And I've no choice. no freedom, and above it all I have a glass ceiling.
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