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Friday, August 22, 2008

Who She Murdered

"Feel the danger" she screamed in silenced tones as her face contorted with that distinct look of someone's throat closing without their consent. She passes the bowl. I looked at her for a very long time, trying to figure out what it was about her that I liked. She had limp brown hair that was too long for her features, and a long nose. With bangs, she could rein in that forehead of hers but I just couldn't put my finger on it. She was not thin, but certainly not fat, had mothering hips and stumpy legs that she tried to hide by tucking them under her and wearing lots of skirts. I hate skirts, very unattractive. She was the hippie type. The bowl came around to me. Then I passed it on to her again. “Look," I said, "no use in staying here and being bored..." I stood up and went to the front door. They followed slowly, I kept half an eye on her. I wanted to see her move again. She kind of hobbles. I bet she'd hunch if she were in heels. So as one by one they went out the door I held it open for them. She slipped by and I watched her bending over the bag she had slung around her shoulder like the precious cargo I'm sure she thought it was. Why was she so fascinating. I've not met her before, seen her around a few times, but I never found her fascinating like this. I led them out to the barn, there's always something to do in the barn. Grandparents turned it into a bar and strip joint back when times got rough. I sneezed. Blood. Bloody nose, Fuck! I get too many of these. Mostly when I'm nervous. But what am I nervous about? What is it about her? She shuffled into the barn with the two guys and three other girls we were hanging out with. Everyone parked their mellow asses on something, bails of hay, old wagon, bar-stool. I found myself wanting to look at her, truly look at her. "Dance." I said looking in everyone's direction and at no one in particular. I grabbed the boys and sat them down at the barstools at the low stage. Grabbed the girls by the hands, they were too gone to complain. We all went onto the stage and started dancing for the boys. I got onto my knees and sliding along the floor grinding my ass up for them I slid off to the side and looked back to make sure the other four were following in suit. They danced and pranced about rather slovenly but they were doing it. I slid off to the bar and grabbed a few drinks out of the cooler, a few joints off the shelf behind the lantern. It's always good to know who stashes what where. I handed the boys a couple of drinks and sat down beside them with mine. Watching the girls fall over themselves was kinda fun and glancing at the boys it was also apparently arousing. I didn't care about that though, there was something about her, some thing my primitive mind told me was more pressing. She tripped over her own foot and grabbed the pole to break her fall, slid straight down and that bag of hers opened and spilled out some of its guts.” Why do you have a gun?" I said quietly. She heard me though and looked straight at me. I was remembering something and it scared her. She looked into my eyes trying to figure out if I was bluffing. I was but I hid it well. I stared harsh daggers at her. She caught herself in my stare shook me off and scooped up her stuff back into her bag and in a brief moment scooted off stage and back to a corner. While she was hunched over it on the floor I saw what I was looking for. I was remembering how I saw her that night: In a parking lot over a heap of a body, hunching and apparently lost. She was on the ground over him like a dog over his mauled master. There was blood on her hands. Blood. That's what it was. I saw her pull a bloody hundred dollar bill out of his pocket and start running clutching her bag and stuffing the gun into it. She was sitting in the corner far from everyone here now. I went over to her.” I saw it." I said, "I know about the blood on your hands." She sneered at me and sighed. "So what happened? If I need to ask." Like I needed to ask. I was meeting the murderer the papers were all buzzing about. In a small town like this, something as brutal as a dead body in a parking lot doesn't go unnoticed and doesn't proverbially die so quickly. She stared at me and tears were welling up in her eyes. I knew then it was something she couldn't forget, was more than responsible for. Something she couldn't hide forever but wanted desperately to get away from. “You aren't sorry for what you did, don't try to kid me." I sneered. “You don't know what he did to me." She blurted out.” So what was the money about? “She looked at me, harder this time. She knew now I wasn't bluffing. I really did know what I saw. She had killed him and I wasn't the type to let it ride. She thought hard, trying to figure a way around or out of this.I leaned in close my warm breath ticked her ear for a few breaths. We didn’t touch. "And the truth shall set you free..." I found myself whispering to her ear. It worked. "He never had a chance." She said. "He was the kind of guy you only wish something bad would happen to.” “You didn't just wish." I said. I was getting impatient with this stalling of hers. I pulled out my phone. "I'm calling the police.” Don’t." She paused to watch me dial six numbers. She was finally coming around. "I did it, sure, and I'm not sorry. I'll do it again if I have to." This is the meat of it I wanted to get to. I lit up a joint and handed it to her. I wanted her tongue looser than oil.She proceeded to tell me of a monster of a man, a deep ravine and trickery. I stopped her and said: "Lying only makes it worse. If he tricked you into having sex with him, don’t embellish.”“No really…” she started, “well he kind of did. It was me. I actually took him to the ravine. And when he wouldn’t share with me…”“Share what?”She looked down at her feet and fumbled for words. I took a slow hit letting her enjoy her moments of painful silence and passed the joint back to her. “In the family we don’t judge, I don’t judge.” “His sister’s number, I wanted his sister.”I was intrigued."What do you mean by share then?"
"She was hot, I don't blame him,..."
"Woah, TMI! I don't want to know, skip that part. What did you do?"
"I threatened to kill him and he..."
"And you offed him."
"No. For someone who wants to hear the truth, you sure don't give a person a chance, do you?"
"For someone who's guilty of murder and minutes away from the authorities, you sure don't know how to make a good clean quick case for yourself. But do go on, I'm sure all the detail will matter to someone."
"No one's going to hear of this right?" She took a long drag and stared deep into my face.
"Not if I think you're innocent, you're on trial here, I'm Judge, Jury and I'm itching for a good execution lately. Give me a reason killer."
Her face tightened up and her knees couldn't fit a razor-blade between them they were so tight. "He said I wouldn't be so interested in his sister if I knew what a real man was like. I offered him money if he would just set us up on one date. He took the hundred dollars and said he'd think about it. Then he told me what she was like in bed. Told me only a real man could handle her. He grabbed me and said he'd show me what it took to do right by her. I shoved him towards the edge of the ravine and he lunged at me. I hit my head hard, I think on my car, maybe the rocks and I remember waking up to my head bleeding in his lap and my skirt was torn and he had me in the back seat and... and... and..."
And she trailed off.
"And he molested you, what a great reason to kill him. Should I call them now or have you more to say?"
"I couldn't move, I didn't know why but I just couldn't move. He held my bleeding head over his lap and he... and he... And later he bent me over and he... and he..."
Ok, so the poor thing couldn't bring herself to say he raped her; usually a sign of a fake, but most girls don't resort to murder on the first date either. "Did you bleed?" I handed her another joint.
"Everywhere." She started to tear.
"Take a deep hit and focus. What did he say after?"
"That I better like it rough 'cause I was his toy now."
"And that meant what to you?"
"It meant he had been raping her like that for a while now."
"Did you ask him?"
"He said years. So as soon as I could move. When he was off taking a piss and I was lying there torn apart in my own car. Honest all I could think of was her."
"And I shot him. I couldn't believe what all I had just done. I shot him and put him in the car and took him somewhere that I knew they'd find him too late, and I left him."
"Conviction relegated on condition we talk with the sister."
“She lit up with the joy of seeing the girl, then it faded with the thought of what she knew we had to ask her.”
I could see the love in her eyes. That’s how I knew she was innocent.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

who I've become

When last we spoke I had a lot to lament, Like I regreted not regretting anything. I have since come to terms with my lackluster lifestyle and while I still think myself droll, I find a certain excitement in recounting my experiences to others. Here is just such an experience, one I can really only recount to you as I can't tell a living soul about it.His name is Devon. He has a shaved head and a bad tooth and eyes that always look like he's about to cry. Fists always ready to take out anyone who says anything. Shoulders that say he had everything he needs to back it up. He's tall to me, despite his short stature. He always stood tall, proud, and he always commanded at least my respect. Devon's everything in a man I dreamed of before I met Dare.And that was the problem; he'd met someone too. Devon was married. Now I've fallen in love with married men before. We've had our fun and gone our separate ways, actually only happened once but it was... well... an affair. But they were in the middle of a divorce. Not Devon, his is a happy marriage. He just wasn't getting any ass and I wanted desperately to help him with that. Never mind my own "attachments".So we planned it, he met me at the door and I kissed my sweetie goodbye, I'm sure he kissed his, at least if he's good at such a thing he was smart enough to do so. Otherwise the significant others get suspicious, you know the whole 'something's out of place' gig. And we got in his truck and headed out. I was nervous, the whole day prior i was planning on kissing him as soon as we pulled off. I couldn't. WE talked non-sense as we drove off towards the next town over.At the liquor store I covered the bill, I knew this was his day and I wanted to make it anything he wanted. we were heading to the beach so it was only fitting to mix up a sex on the beach cocktail. As soon as we got back in the truck, I grabbed him and kissed him. He kisses better than Dare. He has a tongue ring but I couldn't hold it against him. Soft and sweet, his tongue didn't dart around or utterly invade it was a caressing. I melted. He asked me if I wanted to do that for a while. Yes.We headed towards the beach and he showed me some of the sights. What a gentleman, he was trying to show me a good time. It was a sweet gesture. Looking at the old buildings and the setup of the town, all I could see was him. All my attention was on his warm and comforting body sitting only a foot from mine. I wanted to jump him. We parked by the jetties and talked about how rough the waves were. We were killing time, which was the last thing I wanted to do. So I took his hand and smiled. He asked if we should drive around to the other side. "Finally" I thought.When we got there, he asked if we should take a walk, so I mixed a drink and swallowed my fears. What if he doesn't like me? What if this is all some game? What if he didn't like the way I kissed. "You've wanted to do that for a while huh?" "Better than I'd imagined it would be." With booze in hand we headed into the woods to follow the shore around a bit. Found a quiet spot in the sun to sit, drink and talk. It wasn't to his liking though. I was glad when he wanted to keep moving. We found a little deck in the middle of no where overlooking the water. I kissed him again, held his hand.Fish were swimming in the water just beneath us but I didn't notice them. The bushes were overgrown blocking most all of the view, but I didn't care. I leaned over the edge to give him a view. I caught him staring at my ass, so I smiled at him and took his hands and put them where he wanted me to want them. I grabbed his hips and moved him behind me where I could grind up against him. I wanted him to want me. I wanted to turn him on so bad he would take me. I drank some more. Every time I looked at him I smiled, he was obviously getting drunk and I felt bad. My tolerance is much higher. But I was hoping it would loosen him up a bit. I wanted him to take me. "You want it?" I cooed. I stood up and spun away hoping he'd follow. "Yes." He said. He didn't, he didn't follow. I went back to him and kissed him again, shoved him back against the rail. He was hard. I smiled and he, finally, smiled back. "You know I'm evil." I hissed, thinking: "punish me, punish me please, I want to be punished for being so evil." I should have said it."Evil huh?""You wanna know how evil?""Yeah." He had an excitement in his eyes as I slowly rubbed my chin down his frame."I'm very evil." I said grabbing his cock for a quick rub. Then in a smooth motion I stood turned, grabbing the alcohol and started walking away. I said over my shoulder "Really very evil."I wanted him the grab me and pull me back, bend me over and take me. He followed and I cursed in my head. Poor thing, walking around like that. "I'm sorry" I said, "but you asked for it." I tried to bait him."You're right that was evil." he said adjusting.I scooted ahead a few steps and lifted my skirt to show off my ass. Turned to look at him. Poor thing was too much of a gentleman for his own good. We walked, holding hands and ducking beneath the overgrowth. I passed him the alcohol, no sense in trying to keep him sober, the poor thing couldn't take what he wanted drunk, he's less likely to be any fun with all his wits about him.We walked along the shore talking about life, jobs, drugs and people we knew. It was wonderful to feel so close. I wanted him as the water kept splashing in our faces, trying to get into our drink. It was just so nice to laugh with him.We walked back to the truck. I mixed another one, another 32 ounces of motor-control inhibitor. And he said something. I couldn't hear it for the voice in the back of my head screaming "I want you! I want you to take me! Fuck me!" So I just gave a bland harrumph as I shook our mixer and put in on the floor like I was concentrating on something.In his seat he looked rather uncomfortable. I wanted to lean over and kiss him again. He asked what we should do next. My ears perked up, "Do?" I said. Thinking: "why each other of course." I've really got to learn to let things out my mouth. I suggested we find a quieter place to park. And after a few polite "are you sure" moments, we drove off. He was on the main road for a few minutes after his second sip of the drink that I took from him and put back on the floor, I think he realized he was having trouble staying inside the lines and we took side roads and back roads from there. It took us about half an hour, maybe forty-five minutes to find the spot."There used to be a great place back here in this development, now they're all houses." he kept darting down roads. "Something tells me down this road make a left and somewhere down around here" I said. "Have you been here before?" "Nope, Janie told me. It's just fucking weird."It was actually three lefts and about an extra mile and a half than I'd expected.We backed into the shrubbery and wandered around for a bit, then back to the truck. Nothing to see but tall grasses and each other. The thorn bushes kept grabbing at my knees. The scent and smell of blood, though faint, excited me. I crawled into the back of the truck and he saw my scratches. "Are you ok?""Never better!" And I grabbed him and kissed him. We held each other close, grinding, kissing, touching. I lost track of my hands, lost track of his. Lost my sense of up and down and found myself sitting where he was stripping off what little I had on. He was stripping too. I looked him over and smiled as he looked me over. I waited for him to move. That moment is burned into my brain: Him on his knees, me on mine; the look and feel of the ribbing on my knees through the thin blue blanket; the bright daylight behind him streaming through the windows all around; the smell in the air was dry grass mixed with sweat and pheromones. In that instance eternity passed and I opened my eyes to his touch. His body on mine grinding and moaning it was wonderful. I don't remember it. I don't remember which ways we moved, how I ended up in his lap, what we were doing when the blanket beneath our knees needed to be adjusted. I don't remember if I got to give him head, I'm sure I did, I love to. He commented about it later. But I don't remember if I got to lay him down, run my nails across his skull to the nape of his neck, kiss his neck and ride him like I'd dreamed of doing to him. I remember how it ended. He came on my stomach and I breather as if I hadn't breathed in hours. I didn't cum.We dressed. We were a bit more sober, we drove back to the beach. I still wanted him, but I knew he couldn't do much so I settled for moving over to his lap as soon as we parked and I started riding him a bit. I just wanted to have fun, give him a show. I didn't expect him to get hard like he did. So he stood up and as he was standing at the door, I leaned over to give him pleasure. Gladly too, I wanted him. But it was cut short. Damn kids walking by. At least I felt he meant it when he said it. I took comfort. He honestly did want me.It wasn't long, his friend showed up and the party began again with another drink. And we all went out to the beach. We swam, I lost my glasses and shoes. But I got a damn shell. My watch got wet. For the next hour it was 8:14. When the watch finally died we were walking from one shore to another through some goopy seaweed that somehow sliced my toe open. It was fun to dart around in the water passing the bottle back and fourth. We found an inlet and got back ashore only to get to the trucks and drive back to the camp site. There we stayed lapping up the pleasure of each other's company. I got to blow Devon while his friend attempted to pleasure me. A gnat was better company, at least I noticed gnats. Devon’s friend got my lips around him and Devon said "I told you man, no gag reflex."And we were all goofing around and talking nonsense. Teasing, tricking, loving and laughing. I told his friend he wasn't very good. He got offended. He grabbed my wrists and tried to tie me up at the elbows. It was exciting and I wanted something more, after all what's tying a person up if there's no fight, I twisted and rolled out of it and walked over to Devon saying "If you’re going to do it, do it right." I waited for him to try again, but all he wanted was to try to go down on me again "six and a half inches of tongue is all I've got!" he whined. "Well then you don't have much." I said. So I laid down on the bed of the truck and told him where to concentrate, what to do, where I wanted his tongue. Briefly, barely, I told him things; and he caught on well to little direction, I assume he's teachable. Devon walked around the corner and turned to walk right back. We stopped and called him back over to us. "I didn't want to interrupt anything" he said. "Nonsense you weren't interrupting a damn thing." I said shooting a look at my attempted pleasurer. "Besides tonight is about you, I'd rather have you." I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him.We all sat down to talk more and sober up. The alcohol was almost gone and the night was almost over. I wanted desperately to do more with Devon. I told him so when we piled into the truck to head out. "One last hurrah..." I called it. I was pleased when he said "Why can't we?" And I was even more pleased when he found an old parking lot to park in. Set back and dark. I wanted to suck on him, poor thing was tired after the long day he'd had. Took him deep, took him fast, took him slow, actually got to concentrate on pleasuring him this time. I found a few things he liked and tried to crawl onto his lap but he wasn’t up for it yet. So I went back to bent over him and kept going. Deeper, faster, rippling my tongue. When he was ready I tried to crawl into his lap again but that didn't last long he told me he was coming over to my side. I opened the door for him and waited for directions. He wanted to bend me over and take me. "Finally!" I thought, and I smiled as I bent down deep sprawling my arms across the seat looking back at him and moaning. I ground into him as he pounded away at my flesh and loved every second of it. Until he said he was cumming. I turned and hit my knees and took him. What can I say? I love the taste. And he tasted good.From there he took me home, and crawling into bed with my sweetheart I wanted so badly to cum, the whole day I hadn’t, I couldn't even masterbate to relieve the pressure, I curled up close to my man and told myself to go the hell to sleep.
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